Monday, 7 July 2014

Quick Butterfly tutorial

Morning all :-) Hope that we had a fab weekend doing lots of fun things! I had a bit of a nightmare with a nasty bite on my foot that has gone dodgy and made my foot the size of a blimp :-( So i am off to the Dr's later on to see if they are just going to chop it off and be done with it!

Anyways i thought as it's a nice sunny day i would share this gorgeous quick and easy paper butterfly tutorial with you all.

What you will need....

Heart die cuts i used my sizzix original x4 heart die
Assortment of Papers
Assortment of Sticky Gems
Double sided tape

Simply cut 2 hearts the same size, join them with double sided tape then cover the join with sticky gems then fold the wings inward slightly! That's it super cute and super quick and perfect for any crafting project :-) 

Have fun with these little cuties :-) xx

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Tutorial Layered flowers :-)

Well after a long time away again due to my health i have got myself into a better place so i am ready to get blogging again.

I eventually got my big shot for my birthday and i am in love with it!! You can do so much with it and believe me i have been. Today i am going to share a layered flower tutorial with you all. 

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Emsie Makes

What you will need.......

Sizzix Big shot
5mm Double sided sticky tape
Assorted Gems
Mixed flower die
Sticky pads
Assorted papers and cards

Start off by selecting lots of different coloured papers and cards in different textures and thicknesses then cut lots and lots of sets of your flowers ready to layer up.

Now you have lots of flowers cut you can really start to have fun with them, I love different textures and effects so i started experimenting with the cuts.

For this one i picked a really nice, heavy card.

To start i folded down the center of the petals on all of the cut flowers to give them a really nice shape.

Once i have done it with them all you are ready to start layering them up.

 I love this thin tape, double sided tape available at most craft shops

Place a piece of the double sided tape on the back of one of the petals and attach to another in an alternate style.

Continue to layer them up in size order from largest to smallest in alternated colours as shown.

Build up till you have no more flowers left then you are ready for the final detail and that's the bling!

Use some of the sticky tape on the back of your chosen gem and then add it to your layered flowers.

Now these are ready to use on lots of different crafty projects, i will be using mine on my cards. They will look amazing in red and green for Christmas cards.

Hope you all have lots of fun trying this out xxx