Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Crazy Days!

Well the past 2 days have been a bit mental! Firstly my poor baby cat had to go to the vets then today i have been to the hospital so i haven't had chance for much fun stuff. I have however been to my fave place in the world Blyth Craft Studio and got myself a few goodies as a reward for the nurse injuring me. I got some gorgeous papers, a new Woodware craft Creations cow punch which i love love love! Some Distress Ink in Faded Jeans, 2 Memento inks in Desert Sand and Rich Cocoa, some Stix 2 Anything die cut ovals and squares as i still don't have my Sizzix Big Shot :-( some card scrap packs and a gorgeous Chinese design Delta rubber stamp. So i now have lots of fun things to play with over the next few days.

I love the cow punch 

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Product Review Woodware Craft Collection Flower Punch

Well i thought i would start my product reviews and no better place to start than with my Woodware Flower punch. I bought it among my first purchase from Blyth Craft Studio and i love love love it.

First of all i love the colour, i mean who doesn't love pink. Secondly i adore the flowers it produces, you can make a scrap of paper into something handy and very pretty that i can use over and over on my creations. The cut is nice and crisp with no ragged edges and considering my grip is pretty shocking it is easy to hold and use. All in all it gets a big thumbs up and 10/10 from me. I can't wait to collect some more beautiful punches in the range.

I love them all :-) 

For more info about Woodware crafts amazing range of goodies and the retailers that stock them pop by and check them out.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Having an off one!

Today has been pretty much a non event for me, which i am gutted about as i had so many things planned to do today! I have cards to make to post on Monday that i just haven't had the energy to do today. I did however this morning manage to drag myself to Tesco for the new issue of Simply cards and papercraft magazine as i have been waiting for the set of Indigo Blu rubber stamps to appear as a free gift :-) which alas they now have and i am rather excited to get them but gutted i have not one bit of energy to play with them! But at least i know i have them so that's half the battle! I love Indigo Blu designs they are stunning so i can't wait to add them into my mini masterpieces.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for me and i will be able to play with lots of my new toys. I did nip into poundland to grab some more paper packs as they still don't have my fave craft packs back in stock these will have to do for now i guess. Oh well i am away back to bed to try and sleep some energy back into me, ready to play tomorrow.

Have a fab Saturday night everyone xx

Friday, 25 April 2014

Give me Quiche SW style

As i am back on the slimming world wagon i am cooking up a storm again :-) With the help of my sous chef as me, knives and tremors don't mix! I love the food that you can eat on slimming word plan and really don't know why i fall off the wagon! This time i am doing it and doing it right because my weight isn't helping my health in any way.

After perusing A Beautiful Mess and spotting their gorgeous quiche recipe i thought i would do a super healthy crustless version that is slimming world friendly but equally as tasty. I am following the extra easy plan as i always get the best results from it.

This is fab because you can make so many different meals with quiche and it's fab just to have in the fridge as a snack as one of the times i feel i stray off the diet path is when i am mega hungry and need something NOW so this is ideal to have ready to munch on.

What you will need for the quiche

Reduced/Low fat cheddar 45g healthy extra
Red pepper
Onion red and white
8 Eggs Free range
Salt & Pepper
Oven proof Dish

Firstly i always prep my eggs by cracking them into a jug and whisking them adding the cheese, salt and pepper.

Then prep your veg by chopping it up into chunky size pieces.

Next spray your oven proof dish with a coating of frylight then pop your veg in, then cover with the egg mixture.Leaving the tomato till last pop on top once the egg mixture has been added.

Pop it in the oven on gas mark 6 for 25 mins or until the egg is firm and golden.

Mmmmmmmmm lunch is served! 

All healthy and all free :0

My Inspiration

For a long time i have wanted to start my blog after reading so many amazing ones i decided that i can do that and alas Emsie Makes was born :-) I love crafting, making and learning so i thought why not go for it and share my ideas with the world, i know it's not perfect at the moment but it is a working progress and hopefully will grow as i do.

One of the inspirations to set up my own blog came from my fave daily read A Beautiful Mess 
I absolutely love this blog, it has everything you could want from a blog. I especially love their tutorials and recipes. If you haven't checked it out i suggest you do because i guarantee you will pick up some amazing tips and projects. 

Check this beauty out, just one of the amazing recipes over at A Beautiful Mess

Image taken from A Beautiful Mess

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Finding a bargain on Ebay

I got some fab new goodies today i purchased off ebay :-) I keep finding bargains so i figure it's rude not to purchase them. Over the past few weeks i have managed to bag Sizzix dies, Fiskars Punches, papers , stamps, glues, inks, card blanks and loads more. When starting to build up a collection it can be very expensive so ebay is a fab place to start.

How to nab a bargain

1. I always search items ending soonest so i am available to bid on the item.
2. When searching i usually go for Craft Clearout then you usually get a mix of everything usually for bargain prices unless you are looking for specific items. 
3. Even browsing through the lots for sale can give you inspiration for crafting projects, i always have a pen and paper handy to jot these down.
4. Set a budget and stick to it, i usually give myself a weekly allowance of what i can spend on goodies. If you end up bidding more that you would really like to it's no longer a bargain so be mindful.
5. Avoid Buy it nows they are usually way overpriced for what they are.
6. As fab as it is buying remember you can sell to, it's a fab way to keep your craft room de-cluttered.

I got all of this for £13.00 amazing bargain or what!

Some of my new die cuts i received today, I got 11 of them for £11.00 and i have just bought some gorgeous new rubber stamps today for 65p!

It's always worth checking ebay out, even with postage it can work out a lot cheaper and you can get things that are no longer available in the shops.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Everyone needs a craft haven like Blyth Craft Studio!!

While flicking through my Cardmaking &Papercraft magazine i spotted the craft awards article, as i am pretty new to crafting magazines i was excited to find out that these awards exist. As i begin to read it i soon spotted some familiar names among honors such as Sizzix, Tattered Lace, Hobbycraft and so it goes on listing the creme de la creme of the crafting world that had won awards. 

As i read further into the article i discover the independent craft store awards and become rather excited to learn that the Midlands region winning craft shop Blyth Craft Studio is a 20 minuet drive away from me.

As i am passing by on the way to a hospital appointment i decide that it would be rude not to call in for a nosy! The big blue building in the middle of the gorgeous village of Blyth cannot be missed. Parking to the rear of the shop is ample and no more than a 20 yard shuffle.

Once through the door a friendly voice say's 'hello, shall i put the kettle on?' I look around to see if someone the lady knows has came in behind us, but nope there is just myself and my partner in the shop. I think i was that taken aback the second i walked through the door, i literally thought i had died and gone to craft heaven. 

We started chit chatting about crafting and the products in the shop, i was enquiring about die cutting machines and what Kim would recommend as i am totally new to it all. With that said Kim told me the only thing she will stock are big shot machines by Sizzix as they have the best track record and was more than happy to give me a demo as i had never used one before. We continued to chat as i perused the treasures in her vast stock range, honestly there as nothing i couldn't find in this beautiful Aladins cave of crafty amazingness!

As i continue through the most amazing shop i have been in ever i think, my wish list keeps growing and growing. All the colours and pretties had got the creative ideas flowing but trying to select what goodies to buy and what not to was very hard as i wanted it all pretty much. I was gutted i couldn't afford more on that particular day. There were so many new products that i had never came across before nor have any idea how to use, but Kim was very happy to answer any questions i had and explain how to use things and what goes with/ works with what.

My first lot of goodies from Blyth Craft Studio :-) 

Since my first visit i have been back twice and i will be back again on Tuesday to for another peruse and purchase from this amazing shop. There really isn't anything missing from Blyth Craft Studio whatever your crafting niche is.

Paper Paper everywhere ;-) in every colour and pattern imaginable.

Ooooo the choices!

Fill a box of card for a set price, yes please.

I have been purchasing many sheets of these beautiful papers.

Rubber stamps to suit every genre and occasion.

One of my newest addictions punches.

Inks another new addiction. I am loving yinks for £2.99 bargain!

I shall be taking part in these classes once my hospital treatments are complete. I can't wait to learn new skills and develop my crafting knowledge further.

Just one section of the shop! 

I am counting down the days to my birthday so i can go and have a mega spending spree in this beautiful shop. Kim obviously enjoys her work and it shows in her stock, customer service, knowledge and beautiful creations all around the shop. If you are passing i would advise calling in as it is literally a few miles off the A1 (the kettle's always on)

 I am actually gutted i hadn't discovered this place before. Not only for the pretties but for the advice Kim give, (the one to one customer service is unimaginable and so valuable) the classes and workshops Kim holds and organises that i can't wait to take part in and the all round experience you encounter when from the moment you walk through the door. I usually hate my hospital appointments but going here gives me a reason to smile afterwards :-)

Check out the studios website

Also pop over on facebook

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Crafty Recycling Part 1

I love crafting and the variety of different things available to play with but sometimes it can get quite expensive buying pretties. I have recently started collecting crafting punches that cut funky shapes from papers and cards to create toppers and embellishments for cards making and scrap booking which i haven't stopped using!

I noticed how funky some Easter egg boxes are and made me think about how i could use them in my crafting. It made me start raking through the cupboards to see what other funky packaging that would usually end up in the bin i could use to create other things with.

Here are just a few examples of what i found in the kitchen, lots of funky coloured card  to make my own pretties out of.

You can make something from the smallest scrap of card.

How fab are these for using on crafty projects? 

As you can see i have now got lots of new embellishments to play with when i'm getting crafty! I can't wait to get using them :-) 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sunshine at Home

While nebbing through pinterest i came across these gorgeous goodies, i am on the inspiration hunt as i am beginning to decorate the house and turn it into a home. I have a huge thing about the colour Yellow at the mo and i am considering it as an option in the guest bedroom. I think it would make a beautiful, cheery addition to the house and will be a big change to the horrible shade of blue in there at the moment.

I can sooo see these hung in there, bringing brightness to a boring wall.


Love these for the bed, ooo i can't wait to get Mr started on it all.


Images from Pinterest 

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Bedroom Inspiration

After living in this house over a year we have decided that we are staying for a while and it's time to start decorating and making it a home. I have decided i want a pink and purple bedroom and got rather excited purchasing the tie backs the room will be built around the other day and have the rugs put away to. Next on the list is paint samples and materials for the headboard, my how life changes in your 30s!  

Bedroom Inspiration

Design 55 cable lighting
$25 - design55online.co.uk

Nanimarquina black rug
$1,880 - madeindesign.co.uk

Purple comforter

Bond No 9 candles candleholder
$130 - harrods.com

Murano vase

Quick Card Tutorial :-)

After winning my bargain lot of crafty goodies from ebay i thought i would try something new and dip my toe into stamping. I have never tried it before and as i got a load of fun stamps in the lot it would be rude not to try it out!

My Ebay bargain lot!

You will need some paper/card to stamp image on, a decent pair of scissors, an acrylic block (clear stamps are self adhesive and stick to the block) double sided sticky tape, 3d foam pads, an ink pad, fancy backing paper (here i use a wallpaper sample they make fab backings and are free) card stock blanks, felt tips and some rubber stamps.

My stamping card and card stock blanks came from one of my fave shops poundland :-) I can't walk past the place without spending something on crafty goodies!

Pick a stamp and place it on the block, grab your ink pad and cover the stamp then print it onto the card, it really is that easy to do! 

Stamp up what you need and cut them out, colour them roughly and that's it they are ready to add to your card. How amazing do they look? So simple yet effective this is deffo my new addiction and will be using this technique a lot more. Can't wait to buy some more stamps and funky inks to play with along with proper marker pens.

I cut my backing paper (wallpaper sample) to the size of my card blank and used double sided tape to attach it to the card. I wanted it to look like wallpaper on the card as i was going for a heading out the door, last look in the mirror on the way out effect.

I layered the toppers up some with 3d stickers and some flat to the card, i then stamped the actual card with the phrases provided. 

And here it is, the finished result! Perfect for a friends birthday :-) 

Friday, 11 April 2014

Yellow Greetings

One of my fave things to do is card making at the moment :-) I am addicted and love faffing about with them. The materials, colours, themes and the general fun of creating something for someone. I love that you can tailor them to reflect the person that is receiving them it's so much nicer than a mass produced, bought of the shelf jobbie. I spotted this on pinterest and thought it was lovely and bright which is deffo what we need right now. I think i may get my cutting punches out and play a little! 


The day after i started this blog my laptop charger went and broke so all my material i had prepared for my blog inc tutorials on making fun things and so on are held prisoner until my new charger arrives. My friend was lovely enough to lend me a laptop until mine is revived and well again!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Eating myself thinner

Well after a huge weight gain again with my health playing up I have decided once and for all that the time is now to get rid of this blubber.

When my ME flares up I have no metabolism it just shuts down so whatever I eat takes millenniums to break down and because I have 0 energy I eat crap to give me that energy boost which obviously its not doing. So those factors combined are a recipe for disaster.

I love food and i am the first to admit that a diet that involves calorie counting and major restrictions is just not for me! I love fruit and veg and eating healthy but when i'm mid flare up I crumble, but I have decided no more. from now on I am going to do this and do it right, even if I am ill I know the crap doesn't give me the energy I need so why eat it?

today is the first proper day of the healthy eating and so far so good! :-) I will be sharing recipes and tips along the way and I will be weighing myself and taking measurements tomorrow. I know my weight is high at the mo and sharing it is not really something I want to do but i'm going to because I want to make progress and want to share this journey honestly.

Tonight's tea Seafood cabonara :-) Free on the slimming world plan! Lets do this xx