Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Newark Great British Papercraft Show Review

After winning 2 tickets in a competition for Newark Great British papercraft show i was over the moon, i have never really won anything for years and since getting into cardmaking i have won 3 competitions and challenges ;-) I would like to say a huge thank you to Sincerely Yours for the tickets, it was a lovely surprise and a fab experience.

I asked a few of my crafty buddies if they wanted to attend with me but they all had plans or had to go to evil work, so my poor partner got dragged along for the ride bless him. And to be fair he never moaned once, he just blended in with the sea of men outside the stalls holding their good ladies bags while us gals shopped till we dropped. I was like a kid in a sweet shop, so many new things and choices but also a few people that were to be honest rather rude and frightened you were getting a bargain they weren't. Also one not very helpful vendor who couldn't be bothered to help with some questions i had. As a new crafter i wanted to know about certain products and what they do, If i had of had some information i required then i would of made a purchase but decided to go elsewhere with my money to someone that was interested i was getting the right product for my needs. It got to the point i was elbowed, steamrolled and shoved out of the way on numerous occasions and while paying for my goods from one vendor and talking a little while doing so this woman barged up totally irrelevant to what was going on and rammed a pack of card in front of the poor sales ladies face while barking some orders at her asking why she didn't have something she wanted while another woman thought she was cutting in and started to have a go all while i am stood just waiting to finish paying for my goodies and move out of the way. All i can say is it's very very crazy but funny to if you can look at that way and laugh you will be fine. Just be prepared for a little argey bargey and a lot of randomness.

All that aside i did also meet some lovely people and vendors to at the event and one that was an absolute star was Clare from Cloudnine Crafts, Horncastle. She was doing some stamping demos and using pro markers which i had been curious about and was interested in trying out, so as i watched her demo i began to think i would like to give them a go. Whatever questions i had about technique, use, composition of the pen Clare happily answered all of my questions and was very helpful, knowledgeable and fun with it. We nattered about other crafty things, her shop (which is on the to visit list now) and her card making classes that i am going to go and also take part it very soon.

Her work is beautiful, i can't wait to take a class with her and invest in some more gorgeous goodies she has to offer!

I love the brown flower especially! 

So many pretties Clare has created.

If you fancy checking out some more of Clare's beautiful work pop over to her blog

Or if you are in Horncastle i would advise popping in to say hello at Cloudnine Crafts 3-5 Horsefair Walk, 22-24 The Bullring, Horncastle, Lincolnshire LN9 5HU
01507 526272

All in all for my first craft fair it was fun, interesting and expensive (but in a good way) I would advise to anyone that is into crafting to go and check one out and take many many pennies with them.

I came home with this little lot! Imagine what you will come home with :-) Thank you again to Sincerely Yours i would recommend attending one of their events which are held nation wide as they are well organised with ample parking, room to move in the venue and provide refreshment stands but most importantly they are lots of fun.

Happy Crafting Ems xxx

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