Thursday, 1 May 2014

Slimming world chicken Korma amazinggggg!!

I love food i'm the first to admit it and i am the girl that will give anything a try! Thai, Chinese, European, Japanese, Mexican, Indian and so on in a range of meats and seafood.

I'm back on the fat club plan and really enjoying it wont have my first weigh in till next week sadly but hey ho never mind!

I have recently discovered this amazing recipe for quick and easy Chicken Korma


Chicken Breast
1.5 tbsp Korma Spice Mix
1 Mullerlight Greek style coconut Yogurt 
1/2 Chicken stock pot
2 Large Mushrooms
1/2 Pepper Colour optional
1/2 Cup Frozen Peas

Firstly chop up all your Chicken, Mushrooms and Onion into nice chunky pieces, then add the chicken and onion to a hot pan sprayed with frylight and cook for 5 mins halfway through adding the korma spice. 
Cook rice as usual ready to serve with the Korma.

Add the 1/2 stock cube to the pan undiluted and add 70ml of boiling water stirring till the stock has broken down.

Then add the Mushrooms, pepper and peas and cook for another 4 mins,
remove from the heat and stir the coconut yogurt into the mix and serve.

Absolutely amazing!!! 


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  2. looks fab thank you for sharing

  3. looks fab thank you for sharing