Saturday, 26 April 2014

Having an off one!

Today has been pretty much a non event for me, which i am gutted about as i had so many things planned to do today! I have cards to make to post on Monday that i just haven't had the energy to do today. I did however this morning manage to drag myself to Tesco for the new issue of Simply cards and papercraft magazine as i have been waiting for the set of Indigo Blu rubber stamps to appear as a free gift :-) which alas they now have and i am rather excited to get them but gutted i have not one bit of energy to play with them! But at least i know i have them so that's half the battle! I love Indigo Blu designs they are stunning so i can't wait to add them into my mini masterpieces.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for me and i will be able to play with lots of my new toys. I did nip into poundland to grab some more paper packs as they still don't have my fave craft packs back in stock these will have to do for now i guess. Oh well i am away back to bed to try and sleep some energy back into me, ready to play tomorrow.

Have a fab Saturday night everyone xx

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