Saturday, 12 April 2014

Quick Card Tutorial :-)

After winning my bargain lot of crafty goodies from ebay i thought i would try something new and dip my toe into stamping. I have never tried it before and as i got a load of fun stamps in the lot it would be rude not to try it out!

My Ebay bargain lot!

You will need some paper/card to stamp image on, a decent pair of scissors, an acrylic block (clear stamps are self adhesive and stick to the block) double sided sticky tape, 3d foam pads, an ink pad, fancy backing paper (here i use a wallpaper sample they make fab backings and are free) card stock blanks, felt tips and some rubber stamps.

My stamping card and card stock blanks came from one of my fave shops poundland :-) I can't walk past the place without spending something on crafty goodies!

Pick a stamp and place it on the block, grab your ink pad and cover the stamp then print it onto the card, it really is that easy to do! 

Stamp up what you need and cut them out, colour them roughly and that's it they are ready to add to your card. How amazing do they look? So simple yet effective this is deffo my new addiction and will be using this technique a lot more. Can't wait to buy some more stamps and funky inks to play with along with proper marker pens.

I cut my backing paper (wallpaper sample) to the size of my card blank and used double sided tape to attach it to the card. I wanted it to look like wallpaper on the card as i was going for a heading out the door, last look in the mirror on the way out effect.

I layered the toppers up some with 3d stickers and some flat to the card, i then stamped the actual card with the phrases provided. 

And here it is, the finished result! Perfect for a friends birthday :-) 

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