Thursday, 10 April 2014

Eating myself thinner

Well after a huge weight gain again with my health playing up I have decided once and for all that the time is now to get rid of this blubber.

When my ME flares up I have no metabolism it just shuts down so whatever I eat takes millenniums to break down and because I have 0 energy I eat crap to give me that energy boost which obviously its not doing. So those factors combined are a recipe for disaster.

I love food and i am the first to admit that a diet that involves calorie counting and major restrictions is just not for me! I love fruit and veg and eating healthy but when i'm mid flare up I crumble, but I have decided no more. from now on I am going to do this and do it right, even if I am ill I know the crap doesn't give me the energy I need so why eat it?

today is the first proper day of the healthy eating and so far so good! :-) I will be sharing recipes and tips along the way and I will be weighing myself and taking measurements tomorrow. I know my weight is high at the mo and sharing it is not really something I want to do but i'm going to because I want to make progress and want to share this journey honestly.

Tonight's tea Seafood cabonara :-) Free on the slimming world plan! Lets do this xx

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