Friday, 25 April 2014

Give me Quiche SW style

As i am back on the slimming world wagon i am cooking up a storm again :-) With the help of my sous chef as me, knives and tremors don't mix! I love the food that you can eat on slimming word plan and really don't know why i fall off the wagon! This time i am doing it and doing it right because my weight isn't helping my health in any way.

After perusing A Beautiful Mess and spotting their gorgeous quiche recipe i thought i would do a super healthy crustless version that is slimming world friendly but equally as tasty. I am following the extra easy plan as i always get the best results from it.

This is fab because you can make so many different meals with quiche and it's fab just to have in the fridge as a snack as one of the times i feel i stray off the diet path is when i am mega hungry and need something NOW so this is ideal to have ready to munch on.

What you will need for the quiche

Reduced/Low fat cheddar 45g healthy extra
Red pepper
Onion red and white
8 Eggs Free range
Salt & Pepper
Oven proof Dish

Firstly i always prep my eggs by cracking them into a jug and whisking them adding the cheese, salt and pepper.

Then prep your veg by chopping it up into chunky size pieces.

Next spray your oven proof dish with a coating of frylight then pop your veg in, then cover with the egg mixture.Leaving the tomato till last pop on top once the egg mixture has been added.

Pop it in the oven on gas mark 6 for 25 mins or until the egg is firm and golden.

Mmmmmmmmm lunch is served! 

All healthy and all free :0

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